COVID 19 and Social Distancing

We are delighted to advise our guests that we are open and since we closed in March, have had no recorded incidence of the virus on the Island, whilst the rest of the country has had minimal confirmed recorded cases.

Being very mindful of our guests, staff and indeed everyone’s health, we are obviously in the very fortunate position, as a private island, of being able to control our environment and thus exactly who comes on the Cay and so ensure every measure is taken to make certain they are not sick. Whilst the virus is apparently proven to last only 30 minutes in the sunlight, and we are blessed with plenty of that, we still cannot be too careful and have thus instigated rigorous controls to add to our natural advantages. We request that anyone traveling to Pine Cay please comprehend that we are taking the stringent protocols to ensure your safety and protect your health as well as the health of our staff.

However, as a small hotel on a small private island, set on over two miles of beachfront and shared between so few guests, aside from the cleaning protocols we outline below, we are very fortunate to have many NATURAL advantages which make us the ideal safe getaway this year

  • Meridian Club Pine Cay is certified to provide our guests with the COVID Rapid Antigen Test required by travel providers.
  • Being a private island with one of the world’s great beaches, we offer over 1,000 ft. of perfect beachfront for each couple, a true rarity under any circumstances.
  • Our rooms are individually air conditioned with no central system to potentially spread germs
  • We host a maximum of just 26 guests to enjoy 800 acres
  • Outside socially distanced dining with our new facilities
  • The ability to fly in direct to our private airstrip
  • No taxis or cars, just open electric golf buggies
  • No corridors, Entrance halls or other common areas, life on Pine Cay is lived almost entirely outdoors and you are almost guaranteed to be socially distanced
  • Most of our staff live on island and are thus already quarantined

In all, for a holiday not only in a safe country with a low incidence of the virus, but on a private island with a private airstrip, where social distancing has always been the norm, and just 26 guests to share 800 acres, you can be assured of as safe a holiday as possible.

Our new COVID-19 protocols combine to make your stay even more comfortable and relaxing and whilst they may seem a little trying, the safety of our guests and staff are worth that small inconvenience.

When we greet you in Provo we will require you to follow the below listed protocol to continue the safety of all.

  • We will ask you to first step out of the Taxi one at a time
  • We will provide you with a Government approved mask to wear when in public locations
  • We will then take your temperature and have you sanitize your hands with our Government approved hand sanitizer.
  • We will then ask you to stand to the side while the next person exits the Taxi and goes through the same protocol. Once everyone has exited the taxi and undertaken the test protocol you will escorted to our boat.
  • Once on board, you will be asked to sit socially distancing yourself from other passengers
  • Your bags will then be transferred from the Taxi, sprayed and wiped down with Government approved sanitizing spray and once treated will then be loaded onto our boat.
  • When you arrive to Pine Cay, you will be asked to step out of the boat one at a time wearing your mask at all times and we will then have you board our Golf Carts and transport you to the hotel
  • When you arrive at the hotel, we will ask you socially distance yourself from everyone and we will assist you with the Check In procedures and then provide you with a Welcome Drink whilst we deliver your bags to your room.
  • Once you have finished your “welcome drink” we will escort you to your room and our Housekeeping Department will walk you through all the details and explain all the functions and the cleaning practices for your comfort. When this is complete Housekeeping will leave and you are free to remove your masks at that time.
  • The Housekeeping Department will clean and Sanitize your rooms daily and it will not be with a spray to leave a film on your belongings, but with organic environmentally friendly cleaning materials that are nonallergenic.
  • In the event you do not want to join us for meals in the socially distanced restaurant, you can arrange to have room service to ensure your comfort and further enhance your sense of safety.
  • We will ask you to have your Mask with you at all times in all public areas.
  • Only two guests will be allowed in the Gym at any given time and we will have an attendant there to clean and assist you as you use can change equipment use.
  • Only two guests will be allowed in the Spa at any given time and we will have an attendant there to clean everything after each appointment including the waiting area and bathrooms.

Thank you for understanding that all this is for you our valued customers to feel that we are not only taking our health and safety seriously we are wanting to ensure you that your health and safety is our priority. Please enjoy your stay and if I can provide any further information for you please contact me personally at any of the below listed contacts.

Be Safe and enjoy.

Kirk Aulin
General Manager
Pine Cay Meridian Club

Toll-free: 1.888.286.7993   Direct: 1.649.946.7758