Pine Cay Project

Pine Cay Project provides financial support to schools, colleges, libraries, and other education-focused organizations in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) to improve educational opportunities and promote learning by TCI residents. To support its work, Pine Cay Project seeks donations from residents and visitors to Pine Cay and from others who support the mission of Pine Cay Project. Pine Cay Project is governed by a board of trustees, who contribute their time and effort as volunteers. The charitable organization employs no paid staff.

As a result of grants awarded by Pine Cay Project, students throughout the TCI have gained access to, for example, modern science labs, enriched school and classroom libraries, improved curricula and materials for learning across core academic subjects, and opportunities to explore and learn about the natural environment and cultural heritage of the TCI.

In addition, teachers have received professional development on effective instructional methods in mathematics, science, reading, and other subjects. Annually in November, Pine Cay Project issues a report on grants made in the prior year.

Formed in 1989 by residents of Pine Cay in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Pine Cay Project is a charitable organization that makes grants to schools and other organizations, in order to improve learning opportunities and achieve educational excellence for TCI students. From 2002 through 2018, Pine Cay Project dispersed over $1m in grants, reaching students on every island in the TCI and students from preschool through community college. Grants have supported educational improvements in reading, mathematics, science, music, visual art, and athletics. Pine Cay Project is funded with the support of many generous donors who share its commitment to educational excellence in the TCI.

Social Responsibility


Pine Cay Project is proud to announce that in its current fiscal year, it has awarded 11 grants to schools and other educational programs in the TCI. Grant recipients so far this fiscal year are (in chronological order) Long Bay High School, Hope Foundation for Autism Awareness TCI, Mills Institute, Marjorie Basden High School (two grants), Clement Howell High School, Raymond Gardiner High School PTA, Provo Christian School, Community Christian Academy, Precious Treasures International School, and the Junior Park Warden Program (of the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources).