In 1958, a European Author and Adventurer, Count Ferdinand Czernin, traveled to a remote island in Turks and Caicos after hearing rumors that it had fresh water lakes. In addition to finding water, Count Czernin also found a peaceful and untouched sanctuary free from occupants, with the exception of iguanas, great white herons and vast stretches of swaying Pine trees. Believing the island to be the perfect peaceful hideaway to accommodate himself and like-minded friends who were eager to escape the demands of cosmopolitan lifestyle, a period of great planning and development followed. Sadly in 1966, Count Czernin passed away before he was able to realize his dream leaving his wife Helen, and good friend, Architect George Nipanich to continue working on his legacy.

The plan was to build a community, and in the early 1970s, as part of this project, The Meridian Club was built to act as a private members club with accommodation on the island. So-named because of its close proximity to where the 72nd line of longitude crosses the 22nd line of latitude, The Meridian Club was initially just a Clubhouse for investors, private homeowners and their personal visitors to the island.

Our Story

Over the years, the homeowners and guardians of Pine Cay have changed and evolved, but the original commitment – to keep Pine Cay as natural and as untouched as possible – has remained strong. Secret beaches and fresh water lakes beg to be discovered. Sandy ‘highways’ crisscross the island waiting to be explored by bike and battery-operated golf carts. A perfect 2 mile beach bordered by light turquoise waters yearns for footsteps to be left in the soft white sands. This is an island paradise in its purest state.

Finally, it was decided that Pine Cay was too good a secret not to share with fellow ultimate destination seekers, and today, The Meridian Club consists of 13 luxurious Beachfront Residences and the same original Clubhouse. Aside from the perfect vacation escape for passionate travelers, couples and friends, the island and its seaside chic guest houses and private homes, have created an incomparable locale for special celebrations. The Meridian Club has played host to family reunions, retreats, corporate events, and life changing destination weddings.

Our Story

The spirit of Pine Cay is undeniably enchanting, but perhaps the most unique experience at The Meridian Club, is the sense of community that exists – a testament to the dreams of Count Czernin. Journeyers come from all over the world yet are united by a true pioneering spirit and a passion for the rawness of nature, combined with an uncomplicated appreciation for the finer things in life.

The Clubhouse, with its old-world charm, remains the unwavering heart of Pine Cay, and on any given evening guests and homeowners share stories over thoughtfully-prepared culinary experiences. All of this, under an uninterrupted starlit sky, on an island that sits on the edge of the world’s third largest barrier reef.