Our island home is a naturally green environment, so it makes sense that we try to honor that by supporting environmental conservation and sustainability.

For us, it’s not an afterthought. Here are some of our achievements and promises:

Being Green
  • We have a no car policy on the island. All our transportation is done by foot, bike, or electric golf carts.
  • We put strict building regulations in place, including set-backs from the beach, long before the government even considered ruling on the subject. Now that legislation has been passed, our guidelines still surpass most requirements.
  • We have a strict limit to the number of homes that can be built on the island. Most of our island is designated as green space and will always remain so.
  • We have continuously resisted the pressure to enlarge The Meridian Club accommodation. In 2017 we replaced one existing hotel cottage with two Luxury Beachfront Cottages that better support sustainable design methods but we still offer the same 13 rooms overall.
  • In 2018, along with launching our two new Luxury Beachfront Cottages, we also renovated two of our Beachfront Rooms into Premium Beachfront Rooms, using the same sustainable design methods. The following year we converted the rest of the Beachfront cottages, all except one, a nod to our history!
  • We separate our trash and recyclables, and we’ve been doing it far longer than it’s been fashionable.
  • Almost all of our occupied buildings on the island have rain water catchment and storage systems and some use solar hot water heaters. You shower in fresh, unpolluted, soft rain water.
  • We are in the process of replacing all lighting with low energy LED systems throughout The Meridian Club.
  • We provide reusable bags for guests to use during their stay.
  • Remember those tiny plastic toiletries you see in many vacation properties? Well, we don’t have them. Instead, we have dispensers for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash rather than individual plastic bottles in order to minimize the need for unnecessary plastic
Being green
  • We are in the process of investigating the installation of an island solar array to meet most of our energy demands.
  • We have our very own state-of-the-art septic treatment system for the island and grey water from the system is used for irrigation.
  • All of our boats are equipped with four-stroke engines as these are fuel efficient and much cleaner to operate. We also encourage guests and owners to share journeys where possible.
  • Our resort sunscreens are “Reef Friendly”
  • Composting program for our farm to plate program