Pine Cay Yoga

Calming, meditative and restorative. Pine Cay Yoga gives guests the gift of awareness, breath and precision.

Laura Mensen, Yoga Instructor, encourages inner awareness and presence of mind during her weekly classes, as well as light-hearted humor and constructive humility. Her philosophy on yoga is, “that it is a life practice with an infinite amount of teachings and lessons – it is much more than ‘asana’ – which are the postures we do in a class.”  Laura began the practice of yoga alongside her father over 15 years ago. She completed her 200-hour training through The Barkan Method School of Hot Yoga, Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2008 and recently graduated from her 500-hour yoga training through the Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, NC.

Ainara Varela Pino is from Bilbao, Spain. She left her home to go to Scotland in 2001, after graduating in Primary Education in Bilbao university. She then graduated from Glasgow University, where she studied dance and became a yogalates instructor.  From Scotland, she moved to New Zealand with her fiancĂ©e, where she fell in love with fitness.  After two years there, she moved back to the U.K. and spent 6 years teaching holistic and fitness classes as well as managing a health club in London.  Now Ainara finds herself in Turks & Caicos, passionate about teaching, learning new skills, family and friends. She loves traveling, nature and feels stunned by the beauty and positive energy in the Turks & Caicos Islands.  

Ainara 1 Ainara in a favorite beach pose, before coming to Pine Cay

Yoga will improve your mind, body and life.  Breath control is a part of all the exercises, followed by strength and flexibility. After class you will feel more focused and calm. 


Pine Cay Yoga classes are offered every Thursday morning in the upstairs lounge and guests are encouraged to wear comfortable, nonrestrictive clothing. Guided by Laura or Ainara, students can expect to experience a warm and caring yoga class that is both informative and precise as well as liberating and free flowing.

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Cost: $25