Fishing in the Turks and Caicos, on Pine Cay

The Meridian Club is not a typical Caribbean fishing destination, because we don’t cater primarily to fishermen. However, fishing around our private cay is superb and can be a wonderful diversion for a fisherman with a non-fishing spouse or for couples who wish to spend some time with a rod and reel on their Caribbean vacation.

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Experience World-class Fishing for Bonefish, Wahoo, Tuna, Mahi Mahi and More

Some of our happiest guests are those who come back from a fishing trip with a tale to tell fellow guests at cocktail hour or over dinner, whether it be about the “big one that got away”, or spotting a dolphin, eagle ray or a migrating Humpback Whale. Some guests will rave about their first encounter with the elusive bonefish, the “grey ghost” of the Caribbean.

The Club will clean and cook any edible fish that a guest brings back for their dinner.

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“The Meridian Club is the ideal location for those anglers who cannot resist taking not only their family but also their rod and tackle on holiday. Experience world-class fishing for sailfish, marlin, wahoo, tuna, mackerel and barracuda in the sheltered waters just beyond the reef of the national park and have your catch prepared by the chef for dinner as your own personal ‘fish of the day'”

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Deep Water Fishing Just 5-10 minutes from our Caribbean Island Resort

At most deep sea fishing destinations in the world, it is necessary to endure a very long boat ride to reach productive areas many miles offshore. Not so at The Meridian Club, where a 5-10 minute boat trip will put you in prime fishing territory.

Some Say the Boat Ride Itself is Worth the Trip

No matter your luck fishing, the boat ride alone can often be worth the trip. The waters around our private Caribbean island resort are full of wildlife, including whales, dolphins, rays, turtles and birds of all kinds.

Floating Between the Caribbean Sea and the Deep Water of the Atlantic

Located southeast of the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos is a beautiful string of islands, islets and cays (Pine Cay, our private island resort, is one of them) floating right on the border between the Caribbean Sea and the deep water of the Atlantic Ocean.

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The islands of Providenciales, Pine Cay, North Caicos, Middle Caicos and South Caicos are protected by a barrier reef that extends the length of this island chain, protecting us from the wild, open waters of the Atlantic.

A Reminder

We do have very capable guides, proper boats and all necessary equipment. However, unlike dedicated fishing camps, we don’t have the number of boats and guides necessary to accommodate large groups of anglers who wish to fish every day. If our guides are otherwise occupied, we can usually make alternative arrangements with a competent local charter operator to take you out given sufficient notice.

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We are pleased to announce that The Meridian Club only experienced minimal damage in the recent Hurricane Irma and most importantly, all the members of our team remained safe throughout the storm.

As we are presently closed for our yearly summer renovations, our clean up and repairs are uninterrupted and going well. As such, we expect to remain on schedule, and are excited to keep moving towards our planned re-opening on November 1st 2017.

Currently, due to the damage done to the Turks & Caicos islands, we are experiencing some difficulties with telephone and internet. If you have contacted us please know that we will respond as soon as we can and appreciate your patience as we get back on our feet. We are still taking bookings as usual and hope to see you very soon at The Meridian Club.

Very best wishes from all of us here on Pine Cay!