We Miss You Too: “Wish You Were Here”

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

We are so pleased to release our new video of our unique part of the world, entitled “Wish You Were Here”. We think it does a wonderful job capturing the magic of Pine Cay and The Meridian Club.

It is our hope that watching this video will bring back cherished memories of your time with us, and perhaps even entice you to consider joining us again in the future… 😉

Please, feel free to leave your comments and feedback. Enjoy!


Alex Harmon

Wow! Amazing job you guys!

You transported me back to my honeymoon. It felt like I was there all over again. Can’t wait to make the first trip back!

Be well!
Alex Harmon & Lisa Macaya
April 2013


Bev & Wally,

Very nicely done. Makes me want to book my flights today. Hope to see you soon.

All the best,


David Bluestein

Awesome job with the video!!

The only problem is that I wanted to keep Meridian Club our family’s secret. We hope to be out here again in June 2015.

David and Linda

Ed Gould

I was contemplating a return trip to the Meridian Club.
I used to go there for complete relaxation but I have seen in the video that you have changed it so it no longer a place to get relaxation. It seems you have updated the club to a place where it it will no longer be a place to unwind and relax. Off. to find a place that caters to people that do want to relax.

    Meridian Club

    Hello Ed. Thank you for your comments and Happy New Year to you. Please note that although the video is a compressed two-minute snapshot highlighting all of the activities that are available for guests during their stay at The Meridian Club, not much has changed since your last visit. Other than the normal maintenance and updating to our club facilities, Pine Cay is still the same beautiful, quiet and tranquil part of the world that you remember – and the owners of the island continue to work hard to keep it that way. Our apologies for any confusion. We would definitely love to have you back to enjoy the “R&R” that you have come to expect from our island. 😉

Suzanne Dill

It was so fun to see the video and to actually be featured a few times! thanks for the memories…it was an unforgettable honeymoon!
-Ben and Suzy
p.s. we both agreed that little helicopter cam made for some impressive video

Mike Chaplin

Ok, now you made us feel homesick. It feels like we were just there, cant believe it has been 3 years. Time for another visit.

Erik & Mary Giese

Pine Cay continues to improve and get better in most categories. That is why we have visited it 35 times during the last 25 years, and look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Pete and Jane Duvoisin

Your video captured this beautiful spot and we look forward to seeing you in Feb. for the 20th time in which we have celebrated Pete’s (Jack’s) birthday!

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