Private Island, Private Beach, Private Workout

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Whether you are used to working out daily or just started a new fitness program, The Meridian Club, Turks & Caicos has got you covered. Here are six simple workouts you can do while on vacation. They are reasonably doable but also pleasantly challenging. If your fitness level is just short of an Olympian athlete, simply combine multiple workouts in the same day. For instance, do the cardio back-to-back … triathlon anyone? Or do the exercises back-to-back … military training anyone? Enjoy!


The “Forest Gump” Run Workout

Items needed:  Sports bra (for women), running sneakers or barefoot, bottle of water, and towel for floor work. 

Cardio: Run on the beach at low tide to the end and back. This should take about 15-25 minutes, depending on your speed.

Alternatively:  You can run the paths with running sneakers.  Either way, return to your “base” where your towel and water are set-up. 

Core:  Do four, one to two minute planks, depending on ability (low plank, high plank, left plank, right plank).

Upper body: Three sets of push-ups. First set do 10, second set do 15, and third set, as many as possible.


The “Lance’s Envy” Workout

Items needed:  Sports bra (for women), sneakers, bottle of water, and towel for floor work.

Cardio:  Bike around the island, taking each path as far as you can go, and then return to the resort. Stop at 25-35 minutes.

Alternatively: If you want a greater challenge, try to bike for 50-60 minutes, with only one or two short rests.

Core:  200 crunches, 200 penguins.

Upper body: Saw planks for one to three minutes.

fitness swim

The “Michael” Workout … your “pool” is so much nicer than his!

Items needed:  Swimsuit, towel for coming out of water and another towel for floor work.

Cardio:  Swim along the shore for as long as you can. Try to go at least 15 minutes or longer. Alternate between different strokes.

Alternatively: Push yourself to go 30 minutes or longer.

Core: 200 twists and 200 side bends for obliques.

Upper body: Three sets of push-ups. First set do 10, second set do 15, and third set, as many as possible.

fitness push up

The “Bill Murray’s Stripes” Workout

Items Needed:  Sports bra (for women), sneakers, and towel.

Cardio: Butt kicks for one full minute, 15 mountain climbers, 15 jumping jacks, 15 burpees – repeat 3x.

Alternatively:  Challenge yourself and repeat 6x. 

Core: Three sets of 20 bird dogs.

Upper body: Alternate between push-ups and planks. Do one set of 10 pushups and then hold a low plank for one to three minutes. Repeat. 

Lower body: Walking lunges from your chaise lounge to the water’s edge and back, as many as you can do


The “Arthur Ashe” wannabe Workout

Items needed:  Tennis racquets from the office, bottle water, and hand towel.

Cardio: Run laps around the tennis court. Keep track of the number of laps you run and  add two laps each workout.  Then play tennis!

Alternatively:  Be a rock star and double up the number of laps.

Core: Tennis is great for your core or pick from above. 

Upper body: You just played tennis or pick from above. 

Lower body: Squats, as many as you can, for four sets.


The “Jacques Cousteau” wannabe Workout

Items needed:  Snorkel, mask and fins from the office, bottle of water, and beach towel. 

Cardio:  Take the morning snorkel right after breakfast from reception. 

Core: Tighten your core while swimming, then do 200 crunches on the shore. 

Lower body: Walking lunges from the club to the water and back, then squats as many as you can and do four sets.


These are just a few examples of how you can get a great workout on Pine Cay.  You don’t need fancy equipment or your trainer.  You just need the will!