A private island gets a new map …

Monday, March 27th, 2017

Our little slice of paradise now has an updated beautiful map created by Becca Colwell McWilliams (Becca Colwell Art).  Here is what she has to say about her craft and inspiration ….


I was born and raised in Maryland, and developed a love for art as far back as I can remember.  I attended Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration.  I now live and work in Maryland, painting and creating every day.

 The Pine Cay Map Project was a very special collaboration that began in 2014.  Jack McWilliams, my great Uncle, and I worked together to update his original illustrated map of the island. With 3 different geographical maps dating back to the 1700’s, along with a current map of The Turks and Caicos islands, we were able to combine key elements and historical fun facts of each piece to create this version.   The map is painted in watercolor and then assembled on computer.  As a member of a family with many generations residing on Pine Cay, I have fond memories visiting this island with my family growing up as a child.  So, having the opportunity to take a trip to Pine Cay last March with family, as I was in the final stages of the map, I felt an even greater appreciation for the natural beauty of this spectacular piece of paradise.  I am so happy to share this special work of art with those that have a place in their heart for Pine Cay.  I’m hopeful you will love it, too.  Please contact the office or email me directly to purchase a map, at $40 each. 

 To see more artwork from Becca, visit Instagram (@beccacolwellart) or (  If you are interested in any paintings or prints found on these sites, feel free to email me directly: I’d love to hear from you!

Rebecca McWilliams   new map sample



We are pleased to announce that The Meridian Club only experienced minimal damage in the recent Hurricanes, Irma and Maria, and most importantly, all the members of our team remained safe throughout the storm.

As we are presently closed for our yearly summer renovations, our clean up and repairs are uninterrupted and going well. As such, we expect to remain on schedule, and are excited to keep moving towards our planned re-opening on November 1st 2017.

Currently, due to the damage done to the Turks & Caicos islands, we are experiencing some difficulties with telephone and internet. If you have contacted us please know that we will respond as soon as we can and appreciate your patience as we get back on our feet. We are still taking bookings as usual and hope to see you very soon at The Meridian Club.

Very best wishes from all of us here on Pine Cay!