Pine Cay Project Announces Sciences Grant to H. J. Robinson High School, Grand Turk

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Grant creates new opportunities in sciences

Over $600,000 provided in Turks and Caicos Islands education grants since 2002

Pine Cay Project today announced its grant for $11,171 to H. J. Robinson High School to permit the high school’s purchase of advanced equipment for the school’s science laboratory.  The new equipment will permit the delivery of science instruction that includes interactive learning experiences using state-of-the-art scientific technology.

H. J. Robinson High School, the only government high school on Grand Turk, serves 415 students in forms 1-5.  The high school’s application to Pine Cay Project stated that the new equipment would improve students’ knowledge and understanding of basic and advanced science through tactile, hands-on learning activities. Examples of the types of new equipment to be acquired include oxygen gas sensors, dissolved oxygen sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, photosynthesis tanks, barometers, radiation sensors, and measures for temperature, pH, gas pressure, and voltage.  To make maximum instructional use of the new equipment, the school expects to deliver specialized training to current science teachers.

Commenting on the new learning opportunities, Pine Cay Project Chair Elizabeth Pickman stated:  “With these new instructional tools, the students of H. J. Robinson High School will be able to convert their learning of scientific concepts and skills to deeper scientific understanding.  These opportunities will permit the emergence of capable, committed young scientists.”

Gracious Acknowledgement

In her letter to Pine Cay Project, Hon. Akierra D.M. Missick, Deputy Premier, Minister of Education Youth, Sports and Culture states, “Pine Cay Project continues to prove true our theme this year which surrounds success through partnerships. On behalf of the Government of TCI, I am pleased to extend our thanks to the Pine Cay Project for its continued efforts and we look forward to further similar initiatives which will strengthen the education of our children.”

About Pine Cay Project

Pine Cay Project has recently made a series of grants to TCI schools to create or improve their science labs.  Residents of Pine Cay, a private island getaway, formed Pine Cay Project in 1989 for the purpose of improving student learning across the Turks and Caicos Islands. Over the past 10 years, Pine Cay Project has awarded approximately $600,000 in grants to TCI schools, the TCI Community College, the Turks and Caicos National Museum, the Department of Environment and Maritime Affairs (for its summer environmental science program), and other organizations.  Members of the Pine Cay Project board include George Bunting (Baltimore), Marie Landel (Boston and Paris), Carlton Mills (Provo), Elizabeth Pickman (Washington, DC), Beverly Plachta (Pine Cay), David Rochat (Chelsea, Vermont), Jay Saunders (Provo), and Terry Smith (Buffalo, New York).

May 1, 2013

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