Pine Cay: The Place Where Anyone Can Just “Be”

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Stars Among Us?

By Susan Clark McBride
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There’s something magical about meeting someone on Pine Cay, connecting instantly, and forming a friendship that lasts. It happens, is conducive. You discover and enjoy a remote island together – bonded by what brings you to a special place like this in the first place. You depart with sand in your shoes and dear friends to plan your next visit around, delighted when that happens and disappointed when your calendars can’t coordinate.

Such is the case with Liv and Steve.

It began with a poolside chat, comparing who’s reading what, discovering we all come to the island to swim and sail, snorkel and kayak, get away . . . sitting together at dinner, enjoying spirited games of dominoes in the upstairs bar at the Club after. Moving on to create delicious meals in each others kitchens from what remained of groceries purchased in Provo . . . until finally, one evening, as we raced to the dock in a golf cart just in time to make the Glow Worm Cruise, fragments of conversations got the best of us.

So finally we asked. “Who are you?” It didn’t matter. We really didn’t care. A lot of people “are.” And frankly, Pine Cay is just the place to not care about who’s who. But we’re becoming fast friends and enough random comments have played into our conversations. Curiosity’s piqued. So we ask, “Who are you?!”

With a wink and a dimpled smile, he admits: Hollywood producer. Dozens of movies. Lots of our favorites. Heart tuggers and heart stoppers. Innovative, break-through films debuting state-of-the-art technology. Academy Award winner, including Best Picture. Oscars, Golden Globes, Peoples Choice awards. What do you know…Topics for future conversations, future vacations together.

Second inevitable question, one as homeowners we ask every guest, “How did you find Pine Cay?” It’s almost always an interesting answer. In this case, a coincidence. The proverbial planets aligned. After reading about Pine Cay and the Meridian Club in a magazine, Steve and his crew filmed at a homeowner’s in Vermont. The topic of Pine Cay came up they planned their first of many visits.

I wonder what Steve and Liv did during this year’s Academy Awards on March 3rd? Who were they rooting for? Were they sitting in the audience? But, actually, what I really need to know is when they’re heading back to Pine Cay so we can coordinate calendars and play dominoes after dinner.

Pine Cay – the place where anyone can just “be” and wonderful friendships can form.