Brother Mac Retires After 20 Years

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

His Devotion To Service An Inspiration To All

A Parting Interview with Brother Mac

Brother Mac is a humble man and “brother” to many, and we are sad to see him retire.  He came to Pine Cay to work at The Meridian Club at 64 years old, and at the end of this month will retire after serving us on our secluded island for 20 years.  Bev, our general manager says, “He is my sunshine, and he will be missed so much because I get my inspiration from him.”

Tell us a little about your life before you came to The Meridian Club?

Before I came to The Meridian Club, I spent some time in the Bahamas working for a salt company, then I came back home to North Caicos and worked with the government and finally a construction company.

What was life like in the Bahamas?

When I first went to Inagua, a small island in the southernmost part of the country (very close to the Turks & Caicos), I found work at Morton’s the salt company.  The island was less developed than North (Caicos) and it has a lot of salt, which is made from the wind and the sun, so the more breeze and sun we got the more salt we had.  While there I worked in a lab, as a motorboat operator, and a service mechanic.  In the lab I helped at the Magnesium plant.  I used to take samples and test them for different components – either too much LIME or Magnesium.  The production was used to build airplanes.  I’ve been back to visit twice, where they still produce salt, and they have asked me to come back to work!  If it weren’t for my love of North and my age, I might consider it, since my only son lives in Nassau.

I hear you made great contributions to your community on North Caicos.

There I served in the church as a deacon from 1973 up until recently, though I am retired I still assist.  Serving as a deacon I’ve helped people with a range of problems – those who are sick, out of work, recently lost a loved one, etc.  Also, I established a youth group in North Caicos in 1974 which still thrives today.  Some of our earlier past members are now in Bahamas, on Provo, and in other places and I am proud they made good use of their life – both on and off North.

How did you end up at The Meridian Club?

The construction company on North Caicos closed down, so from I went to work for Pine Cay on a part-time basis.  My first job was a carpenter helper and then I went on to interior painting.  I also did sheet rock installation at one point too.

Do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors?

I serve in any way, though I do like working inside.

What are you most proud of – either before or after you came to our Pine Cay community?

Painting.  I LOVE it.  After working with the interior decorator, which was a rough beginning as my first job, I really came to love that work and the projects I completed.

On Pine Cay I came to know and find people that served as mother, father, very good friends, in so many capacities.  People such as Bev, so very compassionate kind, loving, and caring.  There are a lot of people that I will miss.  Some who were there for me, for example, when my wife was sick (she has passed on), and they still are there for me when I need them.  I will really miss them.  The people on Pine Cay — Griffiths, Smiths, Deeds, Weis etc., — were very helpful and I want to say thanks to these people.

Is there something you would want our guests to know about you?

As a behind-the-scenes person, I don’t meet many guests, but if you wanted something fixed in your unit and came back to find things as you wanted, that was me.  The owners know me, and they know I am an open book.  I think they know I tried to be a good father, husband, deacon, employee, etc.

What is going to keep you busy after July 31?

People have been asking me to do small projects and I will be busy.

Is there any advice Brother Mac has for the younger generation?

Yes, I would say to the younger people to try to seek the lord, which is the strength in all of us, and to look to him for guidance and protection in every area of their life.  The world would be a happier place if we all did this.

Indeed it would.