Where do you go to find the Best Beach in the World?

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

The Beach on Pine Cay

By Susan Clark McBride
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The beach on Pine Cay is breathtaking. The well-traveled say as lovely as any in the world.

As with most islands, Pine Cay is ringed by sand that’s suede-like and soft, a texture that’s almost impossible to feel. Azure blue waters ebb and flow rhythmically at this Caribbean coastline – widening, narrowing, defining a two-mile sliver.

Unlike most islands, however, the beach at Pine Cay is undeveloped, unpopulated, devoid of structures and patterned with few footprints other than your own. For decades, the group of homeowners who collectively decide how the island evolves are making sure it stays that way. Guests of The Meridian Club on Pine Cay are the beneficiaries.

Depending on time of day and point of view, the beach is often one’s introduction to the ocean. Saunter across and let it launch you into the water. And then, look back. Savor the beauty of this stretch of sand, whose arms reach toward Providenciales and beyond Sand Dollar Point. It’s a remarkable view.

Pristine, cream-colored, miniscule, and innumerable, these grains of sand welcome star fish, sand dollars, shells, and occasional flotsam and jetsam. You never know what you’ll almost step on, what gifts you may receive, what items you’ll toss back. The mystery of each day at the beach centers the fun.

We walk the beach at sunrise to see what’s made its way to the lap-line of the slightly-pitched dune. We might discover something new, like a baby octopus struggling to get back to the depths of its world . . . enjoy the familiar, yet ever-changing variety of shells or land crabs so small they’re easy to miss as they scoot sideways before ducking into their burrows . . . or simply enjoy our stroll.

Later, having checked the chart at the Club’s front desk to determine the arrival of low tide, we make our way back to Sand Dollar Point. The water may now only be as high as our ankles, perhaps our knees, allowing us to gather sand dollars by the handful. Or maybe not. Mother Nature decides. Things change through the years. And so we may return with arms and pockets laden with treasure or submerge into the sea for another swim.

We end the day watching the setting sun paint the horizon, sand and water – an unforgettable scene that reminds us there likely is no prettier beach than Pine Cay, no better place to be.