Giving is Receiving

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

The holidays are about a lot of things – joy, time with friends and family, maybe eating or drinking more than we should (or normally do.)  But one thing the holidays should mean for all, is helping others.


What do you give?  Where do you give? And in what form do you give?   During and after college I did some fundraisers, back when walk-athons were big.  Years later I volunteered my time at the Children’s Aid Society.  Now I help non-profit organizations flourish (from the top down), so I give in a whole different way.   Giving should be in the form of time, talent and treasure.  One might wonder, how does an island (like Pine Cay) give?


The Pine Cay Project, a nonprofit organization founded by Pine Cay homeowners, awarded grants to improve learning opportunities for students throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI).  Six grants went to TCI schools for instructional improvements, two grants funded summer programs in environmental and career education, and one grant assisted the local civic organization that serves children with autism.  Recipients of grants included a primary school, a high school, an international school, a community college, and causes related to health and the environment.

  • Precious Treasures International School received $11,760 to equip the school’s new science lab for the elementary grades.  Pine Cay Project joined other funders in supporting the purchase of equipment for the school’s new science lab serving grades 1-6. As     explained by Principal Anniona Jones, the school’s intent in creating the new lab was to shift to an inquiry-based science curriculum that fosters experimentation, analysis, and problem-solving. The Precious Treasures students pictured here are medal winners in the 2016 TCI national science fair.


  • TCI Department of Environment and Coastal Resources, received $10,758 for the Junior Park Warden Program.  The theme of the summer 2016 program was the preservation and enhancement of the TCI’s 300 square miles of Marine Protected Areas.  According to Environmental Outreach Coordinator Amy Avenant, participating students learned about the environmental benefits and functions of these marine areas, the challenges in maintaining them, and their relevance to sustainable tourism, ocean transport, fishing, and recreation. Students also learned about careers in maritime industries and in environmental protection.



Pine Cay Project grants will deliver (1) support for preparation in fields vital to the TCI; (2) enhancement of teacher skills and knowledge; and (3) improvement in math and science instruction.  TCI educators, civic leaders, and parents welcome this aid from Pine Cay Project.

Join in

If you want to support these efforts, please mail your donation to Pine Cay Project, 322 Central Park West #6B, New York, NY 10025.  Donations are tax-deductible in the United States.  More information is available from The Meridian Club or you can email.