Getting Married In the Turks and Caicos Islands

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

The Meridian Club: A Private Wedding Like No Other

So engagement season is coming to a close (did you know about 80% of engagements happen between November through February)? It makes sense though. With being Thankful at Thanksgiving, and then you have Christmas, Chanukah, the New Year, and of course Valentine’s Day being the day of Love. Or perhaps you were a history major and wanted to honor the president’s birthday? Now that the engagement part is over, comes the wedding planning.

Did you ever consider a small, remote, private island wedding where it could be just you and yours? Perhaps the only people on this island would your very closest friends and family? Sounds like a dream – it is. Sounds like it’s impossible – it isn’t. Sounds like it costs more than a mansion – it doesn’t. People have been coming to Pine Cay for years to say their vows. Some of them children of frequent guests and others come because they have family on Provo. Second weddings and vow renewals are also very popular here.

Weddings on Pine Cay are mostly managed by The Meridian Club staff or bride, with some input from other vendors on Provo if necessary.

Size of party

The remote island has planned weddings that are small, just “she” and “he”, and larger ones that book out the whole club of 13 units. Some even spill out into one of the 12 homes in the rental pool. The wedding party loves this atmosphere because they really get to enjoy each others company in an intimate setting, while also getting alone time and privacy from the others. Due to the 800-acres of private island offering two miles of pristine beach, most weddings tend to have a beach theme.


To get married in the Turks and Caicos Islands you must establish residency by being on the island a minimum of 3 business days. Prior to arrival a magistrate or Justice of the Peace (JP) on Providenciales will be in touch with the Bride and Groom about the documentation requirements.

There are certain items which you must complete prior to arrival in the Turks and Caicos, such as confirming that you are single based on a search in the registry in your home country, providing divorce documentation to prove your status should this be the case, confirming your widow/widower status if applicable, getting parental consent for a certain age, and/or having your passport translated should it be in a language other than English.

On your day of arrival, a taxi will take you to the office of the magistrate to finalize the Application for a Marriage License Form and the Declarant Application Form. This puts things in motion for wedding itself a few days down the road. Usually this same person, the Marriage Officiate, comes to Pine Cay with the properly processed documents and performs the ceremony.

Though The Meridian Club will locate a pastor of a specific religion upon request, this person usually does not handle legal issues. In that case couples would need to involve both the magistrate and pastor. Click here for more information about Marriage License requirements in the Turks & Caicos Islands. To contact the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages please call 649-926-2800.


Floral arrangements are typically done on-site, though larger arrangements and special requests have been honored and addressed by florists on Provo. The arrangements tend to incorporate a lot of indigenous flowers to Pine Cay, which make the accents that much more special.


The pastry chef usually creates a beautiful cake, after conferring with the bride and groom about preferences.


Our options are pretty wide open, though typically the bride usually hire a DJ or use a loaded Ipod for background music. Sometimes, the couple may Popular with many brides is the saxophonist that comes from Provo.