Earth Day on a Private Island, in Turks & Caicos

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Celebrating Earth Day can mean many things to many people.  Some congregate or perform, others practice and donate.  There is no particular way to recognize the importance of this special day, but we do hope everyone at least takes pause, notices, and makes a concerted effort to distinguish this day from all others throughout the year.  For those that are passionate about the environment, seeking to sustain our planet for generations to come, they may do all these things, and more.

On Pine Cay, every day feels like a small credit to Earth Day.   Just take a look at our Facebook feed this week, where we illustrate how we practice sustainability on a daily basis.  Here are some ways we make our own effort:

  1. Refill: By providing every guest with water bottles, they can refill from 5 gallon containers around Pine Cay, and the water is provided by our own natural water supply.  No plastic!
  2. Reuse:  We re-purpose leftover materials, such as using roofing panels for our garbage trailer or using a wood chipper too create mulch from downed branches and trees
  3. Recycle:  One reason we created the garbage trailer was to sort recyclable materials, some of which we are able to burn
  4. Reduce: Energy consumption is kept to a minimum because everyone travels the island by bike, foot, or golf cart (with rechargeable batteries)
  5. Protect:  By submerging reef balls around Pine Cay, we are able to protect our waters

If you are interested in learning more about our efforts on Pine Cay, take a look at this web page entitled “Being Green”   Sorry Kermit, this isn’t about you, but unlike the lyrics to your popular song, we believe it should be easy to “Be Green!”