Beyond an award winning beach …

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Pine Cay is a special place for many reasons – an award-winning beach, cuisine defined as “poetry” and service so hospitable most people come back, again and again.  But aside from that, here are six things you can do ONLY on Pine Cay, just a 20-minute boat ride from the main Turks & Caicos Island of Providenciales.


Sand golf:  So how is your “sand game”?  Any interest in practicing shots?  If so, this is the perfect place to do it.  Where else can you find nine holes of only sand, to challenge you, guide you and frustrate you?  Then you can take a short walk to the cart, on sand of course, for a cocktail.  But don’t take our word for it, check out this Uncommon Caribbean article telling you more.

Sand Dollar Drive in Movie:  One of our guests favorite activities during the week is to hop on a golf cart in the evening, ride to our air strip through some of our sand trails, and take in our weekly outdoor drive-in movie.  Repeats of classic television shows such as Hogan’s Heroes, I Love Lucy, and Gilligan’s Island are favorites.

… and SEA

Snorkel:  EVERY day.  Some places offer snorkeling, but it may not be guided.  Others might offer guided tours, but not every day.  On Pine Cay, you can be whisked off after breakfast every day, taken by golf cart to our marina, and brought out to different snorkel spots around the island.  Our captain doesn’t necessarily join you in the water, but he does give you lots of help finding interesting sights underwater.

The Aquarium:  This is a unique location on the island.  It’s an inlet, surrounded by small rocky cliffs and spots of sand, and an ideal place to learn how to kayak or snorkel.  Our chef is happy to prepare a picnic lunch to take with you for a nice long day.  Take a golf cart or a bike, and explore Pine Cay on your way there or back to the club.  Make a day of it.  Find out more here.

Reef balls:  At The Meridian Club, Turks & Caicos, we put our passion for sustainability into action.  A few years ago, the owners association on Pine Cay installed 200 reef balls of 5 feet in diameter, each weighing 500 lbs.  These balls were designed to protect opened waterways that caused a threat to Pine Cay’s water lens, a natural water source.  The results were not only protective of our island, but also provide thriving artificial reefs ideal for (even more) snorkeling.  Where else can you snorkel or dive, a reef ball?  To learn more about this project, click here.

Devil’s Cut:  Not necessary Sand or Sea, but “over the sea” is an interesting combination of naturally occurring beauty combined with minimal man made structure, to create a charming little foot bridge. (add photo from Samantha)

The Aquarium on Pine Cay

The Aquarium on Pine Cay

Explore Pine Cay on your own, and tell us what’s your favorite thing to do … only on Pine Cay.